CopyandPaste INC. is unfathomably happy that at long last, the big boss Daniel, visited Philippines. And better news is that he is still planning to come back more often. We got to meet Daniel on the 26th of May, it was approx. 33° and he did not even manage to break a sweat, we salute him for that. Strengthening of the bond: Daniel's visit here in the Philippines, though short, inspired us a lot. Seeing our leaders go the extra mile (actually, hundreds of miles) just to get to know us established our confidence and character as a team in a very positive manner. And let me add this, to have a conversation with someone via chat/online would not justify the person's real temperament and nature. Having been able to converse with him face to face gave us a clearer picture of who he really is, and we may say, we felt at ease and more driven as we get to know him. We say his visit here, as well as the previous visits of other Project Managers from Norway, helped us overcome distance. We are all hoping to get to know Thomas W, the next time around. In behalf of CopyandPaste INC. we would like to give a big thanks to Daniel! Now look just how much fun we had.

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