We are very much delighted to meet Karoline and Andreas. C&P Team and their plus ones had a great time cruising last Saturday, 2016-07-09. Thanks to Daniel's support we were able to give a warm welcome to Andreas and Karoline. There was good food, music, and great crowd. Not to underestimate the power of good conversations, topped with the perfect view of the sunset, and a dose of Jägermeisterand coke rum. So we had a great time and talked about different things. I was glad that Karoline mentioned how amaze she is seeing how happy and friendly Filipinos are. We basically talked about our culture and theirs and how the differences between both sides expands our point of views and general understanding to things. The Web Developers are also very excited to learn new skills from Andreas. I am pretty sure that he can share his technical skills to Cebu Office. And that would be the ultimate upgrade that we've been waiting for.

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